Supporting Challenging Behavior at Home during COVID-19: An Interview with Ross Greene

With nationwide school closures in effect, many parents are trying to keep it all together at home managing their own work, their finances, and their own stress. 

All the while, parents are now also in the position of monitoring homeschooling, managing their children’s big feelings, and most likely, some challenging behaviors. 

In our Make Social Learning Stick Facebook community, we are hearing:

  • Kids who never showed challenging behaviors are showing challenging behaviors
  • Kids who already showed challenging behaviors are showing more intense or prolonged challenging behaviors.
  • Parents are experiencing major power struggles around screen time rules, complying with homeschooling tasks assigned by teachers, and completing basic household tasks like chores. 

In this heightened state of stress, where both parents and children are managing difficult feelings and navigating big changes, it is truly overwhelming for everyone involved.  

And yet…

There are opportunities. 

Adversity is what fosters resilience and these are times to rise to the challenge. –Ross Greene

This is where our guest, Dr. Ross Greene comes in. 

He’s built a career and traveled the world sharing his model called  Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS) that helps parents and kids solve these power struggles and unsolved problems together. 

And we had the pleasure of interviewing him about how to use this model at home during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In this video, Dr. Greene helps us understand how we can identify expectations kids are having trouble meeting (unsolved problems) and put our heads together for solutions to these problems. 

And we can do it without power struggles.  

We are living in unusual times, but we also have a real opportunity. Being in close quarters during times of stress is a chance to step back and teach some social-emotional and problem-solving skills together. 

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