Coping with Overwhelm through Connection

If it isn’t clear yet, I am super passionate about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and helping kids (and people in general) to build these skills. I think these are the most important skills in the world and it’s exciting to see others (and the research) agree and focus on this as well.

Did you know that for every $1 invested in high-quality SEL, there is about an $11 return on investment, because of all the social, emotional, behavioral, academic, and societal gains that come about?!

One of the silver linings that I keep coming back to right now is that parents and educators are in true partnership these days to provide support—we are in this together! And we all need help as we work in collaboration.

A teacher recently told me, “I know what to provide to parents for academics, but I don’t know what to send for social-emotional learning (SEL), and SEL is more important now than ever before!”

So, along with the other resources we have made and sent, I developed this theme-based calendar with activities to try each day. You can find this calendar after submitting your email in the form below. I wanted to make it simple and practical, similar to my book suggestions to post on the refrigerator and spark interest and inspiration.

I hope to provide these monthly and to start, here’s the April calendar with ideas to try. The activities are as simple as “Listen to music together” or “Tell a fun story about a family vacation.” Each tip is easy to do and designed to create the connection and positive feelings that provide a foundation for social-emotional learning.

Since we are in such close quarters with our families right now, the theme for the April calendar is building connection and rapport, and I’ve chosen activities to strengthen your bond with your child and family. Follow the suggestions day by day or choose one that especially appeals. Maybe your child wants to be the one to choose an activity?

And what better time than April to get started since it’s Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, which seems like the perfect time to focus on social-emotional learning. Ready to start? It’s time! 

Purchase the full 12-month theme-based calendar here for only $11.99. It is packed with 365 ideas, tools and activities to be mindful and hold intention with your daily interactions with your child to help them listen, cope, care about others and engage socially so that they can develop critical social and emotional skills for friendship, school and life. Be sure to get your child involved, as they probably have some great ideas too. This can be a win-win because you will feel the benefits too.

Don’t forget to out on social media [] and share connection activities you’ve been doing with your children from the calendar or other ideas you come up with. We would love to hear from you and stay CONNECTED!

Enjoy and be well!


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