Fun, Celebration and Safety

June is here, and with it all the excitement of a wonderful summer!

Day camps for the kids, your traditional family outings, and all the ice cream the neighborhood truck provides on those hot afternoons outside, right?

Nope. Not this year. COVID has taken all those plans and flipped them on their head. If your home is anything like mine, the disappointment is tangible. You could spread it on toast if you wanted to eat some sort of weird disappointment sandwich.

But it doesn’t have to be the World's Worst Summer! We can enjoy what IS, not what WAS or the possibilities of what COULD BE. And that is all we can do right now. Even as we face fear, overwhelm, and frustration, we can still have a summer of celebration, surprise, and excitement.

This month’s calendar theme of fun and celebration will help you SHOW, instead of TELL your child how to deal with the unexpected twists and turns of life.

The ideas all build on your family’s connection, celebration and fun.. which is essential for resiliency, coping skills and your child’s ability to flourish. For example...

Annual family camping trip has been cancelled? You can still go. In your backyard, or even in your living room. Pitch that tent and make those s’mores!

Summer craft camp on indefinite hold? How about a family night where you all trade off teaching each other new skills and art techniques.

Post the calendar on your fridge, your command center, or wherever you plan your day. You can use it as a checklist, an inspiration point, or just a reminder that today is what you make it.

And if, or when, you use these ideas... I want to hear all about it! Leave a comment, post on the FB page or send me an email with your family’s adventures, and how you connect with your children. We look forward to hearing how you celebrate your time together.

Purchase the full 12-month theme-based calendar here for only $11.99. It is packed with 365 ideas, tools and activities to be mindful and hold intention with your daily interactions with your child to help them listen, cope, care about others and engage socially so that they can develop critical social and emotional skills for friendship, school and life. Be sure to get your child involved, as they probably have some great ideas too. This can be a win-win because you will feel the benefits too.


P.S. I’ve put together 30 tips for the month of June, but there are hundreds of them. If you need more, I want you to know that you’re not alone…

In fact, my colleague, Rebecca and I have put together a course and community,  specifically for parents to help their families cope in this intensely stressful time and build long-term skills. Learn more about “Make It Stick Parenting Course and Community” here.


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