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3 Ways to Parent a Sensitive, Reactive or Anxious Child...and Still Feel Good at the End of the Day

My friend Dr. Rebecca Branstetter and I show parents three practical strategies to begin using immediately to reduce overwhelm and frustration while helping their children grow, develop, and thrive. 


Through love and connection, let's...

Discover how to nurture and support your child's ability to manage their emotions, anxiety, and overwhelm.
Help your child navigate and develop meaningful social relationships with peers, siblings, and others. 
Help your child (and you) feel calm, confident and connected.

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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Sautter, M.A., CCC

Speech and Language Pathologist

Before I had children, I thought that my personal and professional experience was going to equip me with all the tools and strategies needed to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children. But by the time my children hit adolescence, my tools weren’t working. Even as a trained professional, I struggled to find effective ways of supporting the social and emotional needs of my children, as I helped them navigate big emotions, low motivation, and social anxiety. For years this kept me up at night, searching for more information...looking for the next tool, the next magic trick. I realized that I needed more. 

I went back to the research and literature and the philosophy of positive discipline.  I realized that there is not one magic trick or’s a process and a journey.  

I also realized that many other parents are on a similar path and would benefit from having the resources and information provided and laid out in a systematic format that they can access whenever they need and created many resources to help parents deal with their children’s social and emotional needs. 

I’m not only teaching what works, but I’m practicing it every day. It’s not always easy, but armed with successful parenting tools and a community of parents just like you, you can face the ups and downs of parenting with renewed excitement.
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What People Are Saying...

Elizabeth Sautter’s particular genius lies in her ability to teach the nuts-and-bolts of social behaviors that can lead to success across all settings: home, school, and work. Her methods provide practical help as her young clients become adolescents and then adults. Her commitment to her clients fuels her creative approach and galvanizes ongoing positive change. As a parent of young autistic adult with whom she works, I remain a true fan and am grateful for her guidance.


Amy Kossow

Parent Advocate

Amy Kossow

Parent Advocate

Elizabeth pours 200% into her relationships. We started out as clients and have become treasured friends. She truly acts from the heart and is so intentional about her work; it is so clear that she is carrying out her passion. She has had a tremendous influence on my family and my children adore her! Not only is she genuine but she’s wicked smart, is a forever learner, and is super fun! We feel most blessed to have Elizabeth in our lives.

Sarah -  Mom of Three


Sarah -  Mom of Three


As the parent of a child who has difficulty navigating the world of unspoken social rules, I am delighted to have such a user-friendly tool.

I used [the Make It Stick] program to work on me and my mindset. To get myself into a zone where I can support [my daughter]. Because the why and how makes sense now. On an intellectual level. That, I can do! It's made such an impact on her progress...she's been weaned off play therapy. We are going to start weaning her off OT. We go through weeks without meltdowns, and more importantly, when they happen, I'm in control. I've got her back. And we get through it together. And each time we go through it, there's a positive take away. The biggest blessing is that my child is feeling happy and comfortable in her own skin again. Her mind is a safe place. Her heart is whole. I'm eternally grateful. You helped to make that happen.





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